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Entrepreneurship – 3 great speakers take the leap | IBN Irish Business Network

Taking the Leap – Turning an Idea into a Business

Daniel Cronin, ‎Co-Founder of Austrian Startups in his very enlightening presentation ‘How to Start a Start-up’ explored and defined what a ‘Start-up’ really is. He advised as to how you can assess whether you are on to ‘the right idea’ and what to do next if this is the case. He shared some of the basic tools and introduced the audience to the ‘start-up mindset/culture’ by drawing on numerous examples not only from well-known success stories from the past, but also from his own experience in setting up numerous start-ups over the past 15 years. He emphasized the fact that it was essential to spend some time researching who your first customer will be and to make sure you direct your product to their needs in order to increase your chances of success.

Karin Zeltner, International Business / Regional Manager, Vienna Business Agency (VBA) followed with very practical advice outlining all the services provided by the VBA for start-ups and international investors/companies here in Vienna. She also highlighted what Vienna was doing to attract and facilitate entrepreneurs to set up businesses in the city.

Hans Nagl, Director of the Austrian Business Agency (ABA) in his presentation “Practical tips on The Do’s and Don’ts” presented the overall Austrian perspective and suggested how one can avoid the common mistakes in tackling bureaucracy in Austria. He emphasised that the ABA and VBA are working with the government and other partners to simplify and streamline procedures in order to make it easier to setup a start-up.