Cybercrime – the Global Threat, the Commercial Risk and Counter Mitigation Strategies


Neil Walsh, the Chief of the United Nation’s Global Program on Cybercrime, gave a highly enlightening and engaging presentation explaining the extent of the global threat, the commercial risk and counter mitigation options currently being used in the  fight against cybercrime. Neil emphasized that cybercrime education (even from a very early age), especially when using real criminal-case examples, can help individuals and businesses truly understand the risks of cybercrime and can enable them to better evaluate and consider their own threat mitigation strategies.

Meeting Follow-up

Link to UNODC’s Cybercrime Prevention Unit

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Other Useful Links (suggest by Neil Walsh):

To a website in case your computer has been infected by a known ransomware

To websites where parents (and children) can find support material making them aware of the treats and risks posed by the internet and social media

to a website where one can report (anonymously) online child abuse content anywhere in the world